Stop the Worry—Medication-free Path to Freedom from Anxiety Attacks

Stop the Worry—Drug-free Path to Freedom from Anxiety

What is Freespira?

Freespira is a medication-free treatment that will help you lower and even stop anxiety attacks and trauma-related stress. The treatment only takes 28 days and can be done anytime, anywhere.

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How Does Freespira Work?

Freespira is easy to use and fits into your busy day. You do the treatment at home—you don’t need to visit your doctor or therapist. It includes a small sensor that samples your breathing and a computer tablet that you will use twice a day for 17 minutes. And you will have your own coach that you can reach over the phone or video for help and support.

How Can I Qualify?

Qualification is simple. You need to be a current CCHP plan member and be 13 or over. Connect with us now to get started (833) 781-5509.

Gary’s Story

Since completing Freespira, I am able to control my anger, and I am not as depressed anymore. Freespira gave me an outlet to control my symptoms, so I am able to function in everyday life.

Talia’s Story

Now, I never worry about having a panic attack!

What Are My Next Steps?

  • Sign-Up: Fill out our contact form or call us at (833) 781-5509
    to get connected with our Care Team.
  • Connect: Talk to a health professional for a brief, confidential assessment.

  • Get Better: Start your 28-day treatment.

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