Free Yourself from Panic Attacks and PTSD in 28 Days

Free Yourself from Panic Attacks and PTSD in 28 Days

What is Freespira?

Freespira® is the only FDA-cleared digital therapy proven to reduce or eliminate panic attacks and PTSD symptoms. Freepira is medication free, cost effective and may be covered by your insurance.

How Freespira Works

Freespira combines technology with remote (telehealth) training and coaching to enable real-time directed breathing exercises to reduce and even eliminate panic attacks and PTSD symptoms.
The treatment works by helping you normalize carbon dioxide (CO2) and breathing rates. It only takes 17 minutes, two times a day, for 28 days to realize significant reductions in panic attacks and PTSD symptoms.

More than 80% of people who complete the Freespira treatment experience significant panic attack or PTSD symptom reduction, and often, symptoms are eliminated.1

1 Ostacher MJ*, Investigation of the Freespira System in the treatment of PTSD. Submitted for publication.

Hear from Patients Like You

Watch Talia’s story and learn how she became panic free with Freespira.
Since completing Freespira, I am able to control my anger, and I am not as depressed anymore. I’ve learned to cope better and am functioning well. I enjoy family activities again, and my family enjoys being around me too. Freespira gave me an outlet to control my symptoms, so I am able to function in everyday life.
Gary, Sergeant First Class, United States Army

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